Food Menu

good ingredeints and homemade daily course dinner.
Big volume food makes you satisfied
The breakfast is homemade roasted coffee, vegetables, and egg dish.・・
The "Abendessen" are les hors d'oervre, fish, salad,soup, meet, dessert

Wine, beer, sake of local brew・・・
You can enjoy many jazz LP records as background music.
One day's "Abendessen
Saute de char・salad de organic vegetables・vegetable soup with many many vegetable,
roast beef,dessert with coffee

The handmade daily menu.If you stay some days , we offer Japanese cooking too.
Char・Iwate black beef,Nanbu chichken,Fresh fish from Sanriku sea Organic vegetables・・・
  Big salad and homemade dressing have eceived.

The Rice named Koshihikari that our friend who lives in Ibaragi prefecture makes is wonderful.
The food is plentiful so you may have rice as you like prease come and enjoy our fine food.

Of course we prepare a lot of tasty rice.
Please come to us very, very hungry.

One day's breakfast...